Want to Volunteer?

We’d love to talk with you! Email volunteer@bigsurriverrun.org and we’ll find a spot for you to help out this year. We’re also always looking for dedicated folks who are interested in joining the planning committee for upcoming races.

We’re an all-volunteer operation and proud to be one of the longest-running community events in Big Sur. We’ve raised more than $1,151,104 over 38 years for our two beneficiaries thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, race participants, community members, and volunteers… and we’ve had fun doing it!

2019 Big Sur River Run Committee

  • Kirk Gafill, Race Director
  • Ray Sanborn, Race Director
  • Branham Sanborn, Race Director-In-Training
  • Jaci Pappas, Treasurer & Co-Secretary
  • Martha Karstens, Co-Secretary & Merchandise
  • Holly Fassett, Volunteers & Mail-In Registrations
  • Meredith Gafill, Sponsorships & Marketing
  • Chelsea Belle Davey, Marketing & Media
  • Robbie Warcken, Race Day Course Support
  • Kyle Evans, Website, Watering Hole, & Media
  • Herb Evans, Watering Hole
  • Sam Golden, Emeritus
  • Bill Burleigh, Emeritus

Featured T-Shirt Artist

Since this race began in the 1980s, we’ve always had a local artist design the t-shirt.

All of the designs have paid tribute to some aspect of the Big Sur landscape or personality, and there’s always much anticipation around what each year’s design will feature. A crowd favorite has been illustrations of our memorable¬†race mascot, “Surano de Boargerac,” who finally agreed to come out of retirement for the 2014 t-shirt design.

Stay tuned for the 2019 t-shirt artist and design…